This is how your theory exam works

Dear friend of the driving school at AKH,

In today’s post, we’ll look at the theory exam process! In particular, we want to take a closer look at the legally prescribed and technical procedure of a theory test.

First of all, as a basic prerequisite:
You must have attended the complete theory course.
This consists of 32 teaching units, which are made up as follows: 20 teaching units basic knowledge and 12 teaching units class-specific B.

What requirements do I have to fulfil?
To be allowed to take the test, you need a positive medical certificate and a roadworthiness certificate, which is checked by the authorities in the background.

Procedure of the exam
The exam itself consists of two parts. The first part is the basic knowledge test, which is a prerequisite for all driving licences.
The second part is the class-specific review.

There are 20 main questions and exactly one additional question for each module examined. The questions are scored differently depending on the level of difficulty. There are easy, medium and hard questions, each with a different score.

In order to pass a module, you must achieve at least 80% of the respective maximum number of points.

The sequence of the questions is regulated in such a way that if you answer a main question incorrectly, you will not be able to proceed to the additional question and thus will not be able to receive the points for the additional question.

In practice, this means that the person sitting next to you got five questions wrong (all minor questions) and passed the exam, whereas you only made 2 mistakes on major questions and these then caused you to slip below the required 80%.

It is possible to split the examination into two parts. This means you don’t have to do the basic knowledge part and the class-specific exam part on the same day. However, I would recommend doing both parts on the same day.

How long does the exam take?
You have a total of 30 minutes per module. Usually this is more than enough. Most exam candidates finish much faster.

What do I do if I fail?
If you have completed one module negatively, either basic knowledge or class-specific, then you only have to repeat this module. After a 2-week period, you are then entitled to take the exam again.

Theory exam passed, now what?
Like almost everything in the driving licence law, the passed theory test is valid for 8 months. This means that within these 8 months, after passing the theory test, you must successfully complete your practical test in order to obtain your driving licence.

WARNING! Please do not cheat!
In 2019, an amendment to the law will come into force, which I would like to recommend to you. It states: If you are caught cheating in the theory test, using technical or other aids, you will be banned from taking the theory test for between 9 and 12 months. I can only urge you once again to please learn your material and under no circumstances try to cheat in any way whatsoever. The authorities now know every conceivable loophole, technical or otherwise.

I hope I was able to give you a better understanding of the exam process with today’s explanations and would of course be happy if you follow us on our social media channels so that you don’t miss any news about the driving school in the future!


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