The bus stop

Today we are dealing with the question of whether it is permissible to drive on the bus stop area of a bus of regular motor transport, or bus stop for short.

The answer is relatively short and simple: Yes, it is allowed. It is even allowed to stop and park on a bus stop. In order to stop and park, I must of course first be allowed to drive on it.
It is like this: Outside the operating hours I am allowed to park on a bus stop until the first bus leaves the next day in the morning. Within the operating hours, you are allowed to stop briefly at a bus stop to let someone on or off. Especially in rural areas, there are sometimes bus stops where a bus comes maybe three or four times. Here the question arises: Am I now not allowed to park from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., even though a bus only comes three times?
That is not the case! In such a case, parking is prohibited 15 minutes before the arrival time and 15 minutes after the arrival time, but stopping to let someone on or off is allowed. At the other times, parking is allowed as usual at such bus stops.

There are different types of bus stops. First there is the breakdown bay and then there are bus stops that are simply marked by a bus stop sign without floor markings and then there are bus stops with floor markings. Here you can see again and again how many drivers make a big circle around such a bus stop, as if it were a huge pothole, because many are of the opinion that it is not allowed to drive on this bus stop. But it is not only allowed, it is even obligatory to drive over this stop, because you have to keep to the right. This means that you must drive as far to the right as is reasonable. This means: Next time, please bear in mind that you are allowed/must drive over the bus stops, but please do not confuse these bus stops with bus lanes, which you are not allowed to drive over under any circumstances!

I hope I have been able to help you with what I have to say today about driving on a bus stop and I would be happy if you would leave your comments there on my social media channels.