Your path to a driving licence

We take care of all official matters for you, such as registration in the driving licence register, etc.
This will save you the trip to the State police department Vienna, because we will establish contact with the authorities for you.

A driving licence not only brings personal freedom, but is also a great advantage and sometimes even a requirement when applying for jobs.

Our motto is: “Learning has to be fun”. This also means that we want to give you as much security as possible:

Driving lesson guarantee
Success guarantee for the theory exam
Success guarantee for the theory exam

Visit us in person and let’s put together a customised course package for you.

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Quality / Guarantee

Our success guarantee.

If you pass the preliminary test with 95 %, you will not be charged for a possible retake of the driving school. The same applies to the practical exam: If you pass the exam simulation, we will give you the 1st repetition for free.

Driving lesson guarantee.

A driving lesson that has not met the Drivecompany guidelines will of course be replaced by us free of charge!

FQM training system.

The driving school quality management ensures your training success. We make sure that you don’t “just” pass an exam, but are perfectly prepared for the demands of road traffic. Specially developed curricula facilitate learning progress and shorten your training time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Success guarantee theory exam

    If you pass the preliminary exam with 95% in both sections (basic knowledge + class-specific B), you have no risk in the theory exam. If this fails due to nervous flutter, you can take the 1st retest without any further driving school costs!

  • The FQM training system

    Ensures your training success. We make sure that you don’t “just” pass an exam, but are perfectly prepared for the demands of road traffic.

  • Customised planning

    You can join the course at any time. You’ll be ready in just 8 course days throughout the year. Driving lessons are possible Monday through Saturday from 6.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

  • Competent team of instructors

    Your driving instructors must undergo regular training. This guarantees you the best possible training under the guidance of competent instructors.

  • Premium fleet

    Cheap models from the last century? Not with us! Our fleet is at the cutting edge of technology and lifestyle!

  • Driving instructor training

    Our in-house driving instructor training guarantees that our trainers are always at the cutting edge of science.

  • Success guarantee practice exam

    If you book a test simulation before the test and pass it, you will not be charged for the first retake. The procedure is strictly in accordance with the examiner’s manual (BMVIT decree) – so you can see right away what to expect on the “big day”.

  • Driving lesson guarantee

    You can choose your driving instructor and change at any time without giving reasons. If a driving lesson does not follow our FQM system, it will be replaced FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Interruptions to the course

    They are no problem for us. (e.g. short holiday) Continuation of the course is possible without any problems and there will be NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

  • You have the choice

    The variety of vehicles allows you to experience several types. You have the CHOICE!

  • Change of location

    If you have missed one or more modules, you can attend all theory course modules at all locations so that you do not lose too much time. There will be NO ADDITIONAL COSTS for you!

  • All under one roof

    We offer regular first aid courses and you can also take care of your medical certificate with us.

A firm grip on the red tape

The Fahrschule beim AKH – as a driving licence authority with an online connection to the driving licence register – makes tedious formalities easier for you.
We keep a watchful eye on the official file flow and prevent unnecessary delays! Only after positive completion of this
procedure can you (provided your training has been completed in the meantime) take the theory exam and then the practical exam.


When you sign your course contract, the driving licence application is issued at the driving school. We collect all personal data and, of course,
the driver’s licence you are aiming for.


Please contact the office for appointments for the medical report! Attention: the certificate is valid for 18 months! Costs: € 35.-


Registration and dates in the office!

The following documents are required for entry in the driving licence register:

1 passport photo, registration form, identity card (e.g. passport, identity card)

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