The eCall system

Today we deal with the so-called eCall system! Since March 31, 2018, vehicles of class M1 and N1, i.e. passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons maximum permissible mass, must be equipped with a so-called eCall system when they are newly placed on the market.

This means there is a so-called crash sensor or also an additional button to be pressed manually, with which I can immediately reach the emergency services via the emergency call center 112. Here, important information is then sent via satellite so that, among other things, my position is determined. So they know immediately where I am and the emergency services can be dispatched.

This saves valuable time. It happens again and again that there are simply no witnesses to an accident, and it can happen that you lie in the wreckage of an accident for ten or twelve hours and are not found. Especially when you might run into a group of trees or a bush and no one has seen it.

For this reason, of course, the eCall system already makes great sense!